Local Website Contract

The following portion of this document are the legal and binding portions which we both agree to.

The specific services, guarantee, and pricing for this contract can be found here: Local Website Plan

Please Note:

The following words are used to describe yourself “I”
The following words are used to describe [Yakima Valley Marketing] “The Agency”

I agree:

1. To fill out the client questionnaire within 1 week of signing this contract.
(As soon as you submit agree to these terms, and submit payment, we will send you the client questionnaire)

2. To provide this agency with other necessary information that may be needed, not outlined in the client questionnaire, in a timely manner.

3. That this contract is for a 12 month partnership with this agency. This period begins upon payment, and continues for 12 months thereafter. If Client chooses to continue this service after said 12 months, they will continue on a month-by-month basis with payment being issued at the beginning of each month’s service.

4. That I may end this contract anytime by making a full payment of the remaining monthly fees. Alternately, I may terminate the Agreement on 30 days written notice, without any penalty, if this Agency makes a material amendment to these standard terms and conditions that is to the detriment of Client.

5. That this Agency may terminate the Agreement at any time without further notice if I have failed to pay the outstanding amount within a period of 30 (thirty) days of a written notice to do so. Should Agency terminate the Agreement owing to a lack of payment on my behalf, the remaining outstanding full contract value will become due and payable.

6. That This Agency accepts no responsibilities for the policies of search engines and other third party resources that my company’s information is submitted to or ranked on. I agree not to hold Agency responsible for any liability or actions taken by Third-party resources under this agreement.

7. That the nature of the services rendered are competitive and not predictable. This Agency does not guarantee #1 positions, consistent positioning, “top 10 positions” or guaranteed placement for any particular keyword, phrase or search term. I acknowledge that Agency’s past performance is not indicative of any future results that I may experience.

8. That there will be no refunds for work completed. In short, this Agency has a NO Refund Policy.

9. That submissions to search engines and directories can take an indefinite amount of time for results to show or rankings to change.

10. That search engines may shift or entirely drop certain listings from their results for no apparent reason.

11. To look for good referrals to send to this Agency on a regular basis.

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