The Web is an open forum, where opinions are shared and consumers look for positive and negative reviews to determine where to spend their money. The Web is not regulated and there is no way to ensure fairness from negative or positive reviews online, but you can control your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management

Yakima Valley Marketing’s Online Reputation Management Service will track what people are saying about your business online and make sure the positive reviews overwhelm any negative statements.

Why Online Reputation Management?

Research shows that what people say about your business online matters:

  • 78% of Internet users conduct product research online before they buy.
  • 44% of clients use the Web to research professional service providers, such as a doctor, lawyer, electrician, or plumber.
  • 80% make a purchase decision after seeing a negative review online.

Our Online Reputation Management service lets you see negative comments as they appear, allowing you to respond quickly to negative reviews. It also helps you optimize your positive reviews so the accolades from your customers and clients dominate online search results.

Online Reputation Management also ensures that prospects get a positive first impression when they find you online.


What Is Online Reputation Management?

Yakima Valley Marketing provides a comprehensive suite of online reputation management services, including:

  • Positive Review Building – We will aggregate positive online reviews about your product, service, or business and create a branded search engine designed to help your customers leave and share reviews about their experience. These reviews are posited on authoritative web properties so they overwhelm the negative reviews in search results. This strategy has proven to “push down” negative reviews and highlight only the good comments about your business.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, are the first place many consumers look for new services. Yakima Valley Marketing can create an optimized personal profile or business page for Facebook and a Twitter feed. We can maintain your rankings with page updates, tweets, group membership, and participating in discussions.
  • Social Media Boosting SMO is about optimization. We can drive social media awareness with activity that improves your online reputation.
  • Additional Services – Online research and analysis, competitor backlink analysis, and content generation are all part of online reputation management. Yakima Valley Marketing also creates custom campaigns that make the most of your current online content, and increases awareness using blogs, microsites, and other tactics.

So what will your customers and prospects find about you when they search online? Yakima Valley Marketing can ensure they see your best side with Online Reputation Management.


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