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The Facts

  • 76% of small business owners say the #1 thing they struggle with is how to attract new customers.
  • 74% of people choose organic over sponsored listings.
  • Local search has grown by 144% from 2007 to 2011
  • 61% find local listings more relevant and 58% more trustworthy.

The Future

  • There will continue to be an acceleration of local search volumes due to unprecedented smartphone adoption
  • More and more people will be using Google+
  • Apple Maps will grow stronger
  • Google Maps will grow stronger
  • Facebook will continue to localize their search facilities

The Fun

We believe that understanding our customer’s needs and objectives is crucial to providing superior services and so we take the time to get to know you, your business, your target market, and your competitors. Finally, we factor in your location and geographical targets into our Local Visibility Booster Service.

We follow a cycle beginning with our consultation with you to identify your needs in order to establish the best strategy and implement the most suitable solutions for you. We then measure and analyze the results and listen to your feedback so we can apply continuous improvements to your campaign to make your Local Visibility marketing successful.

Your Local Presence Reports

We will prepare a special Local Presence report for you which can be viewed online.

Here are some snapshots of what that report may look like:

Local Directory Walk-through

Your business scored an “F” because of incomplete Local Directory listings
top 3

TOP 10 Directories Walk-through

You company scored an “F” in the top 21 online directories that we researched, and the listings need to be cleaned up.
top 10

Competition Analysis

It’s always good to check and see what your competitors are doing online locally

Online Reviews Walk-through

We were unable to find any online reviews of your company at this time. Online reviews are very important in growing your online presence.


Online Rankings Per Search Engine


Why Work With Us?

As we have shown you, the data and trends suggest that employing our Local Visibility Services will benefit your business in terms of visibility on search engines’ local listings and top directories.

We are constantly engaged in research and analysis on market trends and technologies to develop Local Visibility strategies and tactics to provide you with exceptional services that are geared to provide you with an excellent ROI.

As we want you and your business to benefit from our services, your involvement is very much welcome and highly encouraged during our partnership together.

Right now astute businesses are reaping the rewards of Local Visibility and you too can join the club of business owners whose websites are visible on local listings. Aside from new direct business, you can also gain more business connections to grow your network, as well as generate referrals for your products and services.

What You Get

  • Up-to-date Local Visibility strategy and tactics based on market and technology data and trends.
  • Grow your network
  • Get more referrals
  • Join other business owner who are enjoying the status of being highly visible on local listings.
  • Let the wheels turn now to beat your competition
  • Get more sales and increase revenues by increasing your visibility and traffic
  • Stay ahead of the game

Given the facts, the best time to ramp up local listings for your business is right now. Catch up with your competition, or keep them at bay and expand your business to new horizons. We are here to help you make that happen.

How it works

Step 1. You enter partnership by signing contract and issuing payment (day 1)

Step 2. We Receive completely filled-out Client Questionnaire. (week 1)
This is a very important step. We cannot begin work until we have all the necessary details about you and your company. Once this information is received, then we will begin work immediately.

Step 3. We Thoroughly Research your online presence. (week 1 – 2)
We look for duplicate listings, and any other errors that may be online. We will look for directories that need to be claimed, verified and optimized.

Step 4. We Resolve Top 3 Local Listings. (month 1 – 6)
We will begin immediately to resolve the top 3 local listings which are Google+ Local (Google maps), Bing Local, and Yahoo Local. If there are duplicate listings, we will be in contact with Google to get this resolved. Once the listings, are claimed, and verified, then we will begin optimizing them with the proper content, including photos and videos that you provide us with. This process can take a long time depending on how responsive Google or the other sites are in working with us. We allow 1-6 months for this part of the process. After these 3 listings are fully optimized we will continue to scan them regularly and watch for errors so that we can get them fixed immediately.

Step 5. We Claim and Optimize top 10 listings (month 1 – 3)
This process usually isn’t as difficult as working with Google, and the other search engines. If your business already has a listing on an online directory such as YellowBook, then we will claim it, and optimize it. If the information is incorrect we will fix it. After the 10 directories are fully optimized, we will continue to scan them regularly to watch for errors or duplicity.

Step 6. We Build Your Own Visibility and Reputation Control Center (month 1 – 12+)
We will build your own Control Center and give you full access to it. You will be able to scan your listings for errors or discrepancies, which will then give you opportunity to fix them. You will also be able to discover other online directories that would be a perfect fit for you and your business to create listings.

Step 7. Support and Assistance (month 1-12+)
We make ourselves available to answer your questions, and give you help on industry best practices and procedures as you continue developing your online presence, and increasing your visibility.

Step 8. We Receive Referrals from you (month 1 – 12+)
We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied and delighted with our services, that we expect to receive referrals from you. If 12 months go by and we have not received one referral from you, we will assume that we have done something dreadfully wrong, and will be contacting you to explore immediate resolutions to the problem.

Our Promise To You:

Your Complete Satisfaction Is Our Mission and Guarantee!

We stand by the quality of our services and the ability to deliver real, measurable results. If at any time you feel that you are not receiving the expected outcomes, please contact us immediately so that we can discuss, and if needed, correct course. Your satisfaction is of utmost priority. Throughout our working relationship we will do our best to clearly communicate expectations and deliverables in a timely manner and be accessible.

We are on a mission to ensure your complete satisfaction with the services we provide.

Do Not Guarantee:

We cannot guarantee first page rankings on google or any other search engine.
We cannot guarantee that your business will grow as a result of our services.
We cannot guarantee immediate results.

Local Visibility Booster Includes:


Top 3 Local Directories

  • Google+ Local
  • Bing Local
  • Yahoo Local

Top 10 Online Directories

Here are some examples:

  • MerchantCircle
  • EZLocal
  • ZipLocal
  • YellowBot
  • Yahoo
  • YellowBook
  • UsCity
  • Bing
  • SuperPages
  • JustClickLocal

Complete intake form

  • Create Master Google Account
  • Google+ Local Page
  • Bing Local Page
  • Yahoo Local Page
    We will claim, verify and optimize these local listings, and resolve any existing discrepancies such duplicate listings…etc
  • Top 10 Online Directories – Claimed and Optimized


Full access to our visibility and reputation control center software. We setup your account, and give you full access where you are able to:

  • Scan Listings
  • Scan Rankings
  • Setup Control Center To Scan and Manage Your  Entire Online Presence

We also Provide you with a very nice Google+ Reviews Handout, so that you can begin getting more visibility through Google+ reviews.

Local Visibility Booster Does Not Include:

  • Setup, hosting, or maintenance of website
  • Website on-site SEO optimization
  • Setup or maintenance of social media accounts
  • Video shooting, editing, or publishing
  • Email marketing or management
  • Reputation marketing or consulting
  • Branded review engine
  • On-site or Off-site SEO
  • Content writing or re-writing on website
  • Link building
  • Press release creation or distribution

The Price

The price for this service is a one-time setup fee of $997, and then $97/mo. for 12mo.

$997 setup
*12 mo


Please read and sign the contract on the next page.