Social Media Optimization

Attract New Leads, Connect With Your Audience,  Ignite Customer Loyalty and Make More Sales Through Proper Use Of Social Media!

Social Media Optimization

Social media is no longer just a platform to share photos with your family or connect with old classmates. A social media management campaign can bring in followers, new leads, and build sales for your business. Yakima Valley Marketing is expert at social media management and can optimize your social media program to outshine your competition.

What is the Value of Social Media Optimization?

Social media is one of the ways that consumers learn about new products and services. Studies show that:

  • 65% use social media to learn about products, services, businesses, and brands.
  • 53% compliment and comment on brands through social media.
  • 70% read other people’s experience and recommendations about brands. (Bet you do this too.)

Social media is a great way to connect with prospects and customers, reward your loyal fans, and create new fans. A social media management campaign lets you turn prospects into customers and customers into evangelists.

  • LinkedIn accounts for 62% of new social media customers
  • Facebook accounts for 52% of new customers
  • Twitter accounts for 44% of new customers

Clearly, a Social Media Optimization program with Yakima Valley Marketing can pay off in a big way.

How Do We Deliver Social Media Optimization?

To make the most of your social media exposure, we focus social media management on the four most active online social media channels:

  • Facebook currently has more than 1 billion active monthly users, and is growing daily. Your prospects are on Facebook and they will engage with an optimized fan page. They also want to connect with the people behind the brand with status posts, messages, and comments. Yakima Valley Marketing can make sure your Facebook page is optimized and active.
  • Google+ is the latest social media channel and the second largest social network with 269 million active monthly users. What makes Google+ so valuable for social media optimization are the SEO benefits it offers. We can boost your online presence on Google+ and help you engage your customer base.
  • Twitter has more than 200 million active monthly users generating more than 340 million tweets per day. Yakima Valley Marketing can help you manage your Twitter account with updates, hash tags, and more.
  • LinkedIn is the foremost social media platform for B2B. LinkedIn has more than 87 million users in 200 countries, and is growing fast. Yakima Valley Marketing can create a strong LinkedIn profile for you and join targeted discussions and groups on your behalf.

Yakima Valley Marketing can help you create a customized social media management program customized for your business needs. We also can assist you in expanding market awareness on other social media channels, such as YouTube, Pinterest, WordPress, Blogger, and more.

Don’t let social media management distract you from your core business. Let Yakima Valley Marketing take care of your social media needs.


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