Pay per Click & AdWords Remarketing
You can reach #1 in Google rankings without SEO, and retarget your web visitors to come back to you with Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and remarketing.

  • PPC is online advertising that displays your ad when users search for specific keywords, so your ad is always relevant and you only pay for those visitors who respond with a mouse click.
  • Remarketing is a specialized form of PPC, where your banner ad is displayed after visitors leave your website and visit another destination within the Google Display Network.

Yakima PPC and remarketing can be an incredibly powerful component of your online marketing campaign.

Why do you need PPC in Yakima?

The beauty of using PPC for your Yakima business, is that it delivers immediate results. You don’t have to wait for SEO results; PPC lets you reach the top of Google instantly, even against competitive keywords. Businesses surveyed show:

  • 63% say PPC increases web traffic
  • 62% say PPC increases the number of sales leads
  • 57% report using PPC to increase sales revenue

Remarketing lets you attract visitors who have already shown an interest in you, your product, or your services, without paying for impressions. Remarketing with banner ads that follow visitors to other sites…deliver proven results.

What are the Advantages of PPC Marketing?

PPC can be the most cost-effective part of your online marketing campaign:

  • You only pay for clicks, so you get qualified leads and the added value of exposure for free
  • Even if you display your phone number, you only pay for physical clicks on your ad. That’s nice.
  • And you set the rates for what you are willing to pay per click. You never pay more than what your budget allows.

And with remarketing, you can target those who have visited your website with banner ads and follow them around the web;

  • You get free impressions enhancing your brand exposure
  • You can target visitors who have yet to become customers
  • Or you can target customers who are already doing business with you

With our Yakima PPC and Remarketing Services, you only pay for the results.

What Does Our PPC Services Actually Provide?

Yakima Valley Marketing can manage your entire PPC campaign, from start to results, including:

  • Setting up your AdWords account
  • Researching the market and keywords
  • Setting up the campaign and ad group
  • Managing the PPC budget
  • Targeting techniques and options
  • Tracking conversions
  • Testing ads and ad messages
  • Managing AdWords remarketing
  • And much more

Need instant traffic? Just add PPC with Yakima Valley Marketing’s comprehensive PPC service. It’s the fastest way to fill your sales pipeline.

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