7 E-mail Marketing Practices that Produce Successful Results

E-mail marketing is said to be one of the most effective way to market your business. However, there are multiple factors involved that can influence the result of your campaign. If you are not practicing good email marketing habits, then you will not have successful results. Here are some 7 best email marketing practices to ensure that your e-mail marketing campaign is as successful as possible.

E-mail Marketing Best Practices

  1. Pay attention to your e-mail’s preview. About 69% of e-mail readers will decide whether to open your e-mail or delete it based on what is written in your subject line and your e-mail address.
  2. Always make sure to keep your sender name visible and easily recognizable. Avoid having your e-mail look like it was sent from a giant automated machine. The goal is to make your customers recognize your name so that they know who the e-mail is from. The more the reader trusts your company name the more likely they will open your e-mail. The subject line should clearly summarize the e-mails content, making the reader want to know more and therefore open the e-mail.Education
  3. Keep your e-mails readable. Colorful images can be very useful for enhancing the look and feel of your marketing e-mails, but always make sure your e-mails are readable even without the images. Never put images that must be downloaded from the web. This is because a large amount of your readers will receive and read your e-mails via their mobile devices.
    If downloadable images don’t show up on mobile devices your text could look weird. If this happens your customer probably isn’t going to bother reading your e-mail. Use plain text in your e-mails because this will look good on every platform.
  4. Ensure a high delivery rate by avoiding spam. You will want to maintain a high delivery rate for your e-mails in order to keep your customers interested. To do so you must take precautions so that you do not end up labeled as a spammer.
    This means checking with your e-mail service provider to make sure you are not sending out too many messages and avoiding the common spam indicators in your headings and subject lines. (Such as the words “free”, “$$$$” and “You have won!!!!!”)
  5. If possible, personalize your e-mails. There is mail merging software that allows you to place the customer’s name into a mass generated e-mail. Research shows that seeing their name in an e-mail creates a feeling of knowing and trust in the customer, which increases the chance that they will open the e-mail.
  6. Use an automated e-mail marketing tool. You can choose one of the top 3 AEMTs or you can choose from the hundreds of other companies that are available. The cost of these tools is well worth what you get in return.
    It is almost impossible to operate a large scale e-mail marketing campaign without these tools. It is harder to track your results without these tools as well.
  7. Make your e-mail content more personal too. People like to connect with the businesses they use. If you can develop a personal relationship with your clients then odds are you will receive their trust, loyalty and repeat business. No one wants to read a computer generated e-mail, so put a little personality into it. Talk about your business’s goals, employees, charity contributions and other personal stuff. Add in content about your family, hobbies and passions if you want to. Develop a connection with your customers through your e-mail marketing campaign.

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