3 Secrets For Fresh Compelling Content

I am going to give you a very easy to do strategy that will transform your website into a content marketing machine in less than 12 months. Here are 3 simple steps.


  1. Post Content Regularly
    Get a Google calendar or use your desktop calendar. If you are using WordPress, you can actually even get a plugin that can help you post your content on a schedule.You could write 10 blog posts and schedule them all out and WordPress will start publishing them on the dates that you set it to publish. But the important thing here is to post regularly. That’s critical. Ongoing, regular posting of fresh content.
  1. Post Engagingly
    Don’t just write arbitrarily, but rather engage with your audience. Put yourself into it. Now, I don’t think these people in this picture (see next page) are talking about the trees around them. I don’t think they’re talking about the weather.They’re engaged in a conversation, aren’t they? And that’s what I want your content to do. I want you to get involved in the content that you create. Attract conversations. Get conversations started and engage with your people, your readers, and your followers. That is what makes content marketing powerful.
  1. Post Purposefully
    Have a purpose in mind. Ask yourself, “Why am I writing this piece of content? What is it supposed to accomplish?” Are you just putting something out there so that you can be a trusted expert, or do you have a purpose in mind for this piece of content? At the end of your content, what action do you want the reader to take? You need to think that through.Come up with some call-to-action, or something for them to do next. Another idea would be to do a series of posts, and have a purpose for the entire series. When you create fresh content, make sure that you’re posting purposefully.

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