Website Audit

Get a Professional Review and Analysis of your Website to Fix Issues that may have a negative impact on your rankings.

Yakima Website Audit

Your website is your online catalog; the first place visitors will learn more about your organization. To be found, you need to rank high in search engine rankings. However, elements of your website might be working against you right now, and you don’t even know it.

Google, Yahoo! and the other search engines update their algorithms constantly. That means all the time. You may have rank number 1 for your target keyword one day and then rank number 20 the next. Without a website audit you will never know why you no longer rank on top.

What is a Website Audit?

Your website may look incredibly cool, but the coolest look and feel could be working against you. Your website is the focal point of any online marketing program, whether it’s search engine optimization, (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), or social media optimization. Our Yakima Website Audit will reveal the weaknesses in your website and what needs to be changed to improve your search rankings:

  • A Website Audit is a thorough, professional review of your website’s content and structure, including inbound and outbound links, design elements, page and link errors, a web structure analysis, meta description and title problems, backlinks, URL architecture, duplicate content analysis, target keyword analysis, and much more.
  • Our Yakima Website Audit Report helps you identify flaws and strengthen your website so visitors are informed and engaged, and all that hard work building web traffic pays off.
  • With a comprehensive Website Audit, we can customize the next SEO campaign to suit your website strengths and overcome any weaknesses.

Before you embark on a website or SEO optimization campaign, start with a website audit so you have a baseline to understand how your website performs.

Keeping Pace with Google Updates

Google is the leader in web search and they are continually updating their search algorithms. Some updates target website spam. Others target poorly designed website and low-quality content so only the best quality content sites get the higher rankings. In the past year, Google algorithm updates have affected 41.4% of search queries.

  • Keeping abreast of every change Google makes that could affect your rankings is complex, and it’s not your job. That’s why you have Yakima Valley Marketing.
  • Yakima Valley Marketing keeps track of algorithm updates so you don’t have to. And we continually update our Yakima Website Audit process so when we run a report, you know it will reveal any weaknesses or problems introduced by the newest search algorithms.
  • Our Website Audit Report will show you where the strengths and weaknesses of your website lie for Google search, so you can make corrections before making any other online marketing investment.

Why build your online marketing program on a weak foundation? Get some peace of mind. Contact Yakima Valley Marketing today to learn how the Yakima Website Audit Report can strengthen your online sales program.

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