5 Tips For Location Based Marketing In Yakima

Location Based Marketing In Yakima- 5 Easy Tips

You can no longer discount the fact that your Yakima business is coming to where you are. You can prove it to yourself every day you go out of your house with a smart-phone in hand, which is ready and willing to locate and do business (and leisure) while you are out and about.

Business is now taking place this way, therefore it is only reasonable to ensure that your business is smack in the path of this growing trend, and that you are able to profit from this thing we call “location based marketing”.


Here are 5 Easy Tips to help you succeed with location Based Marketing in Yakima

  1. Your Listings Must Be Complete – Yext tells us that businesses are losing $10.3 billion dollars a year by not having their profile information completely updated and accessible. In other words, If they can’t find you, then you don’t exist, right? And then it’s on—> to your competitors. That’s why you need to do what it takes to get more buzz on your businesses listings, and be as accurate as possible on all Yakima directory sites like Google Local, Yelp, Foursquare, MapQuest, Facebook and the rest.
  2. Get LOTS Of Reviews – Often people will help you if you give them enough of a reason to! Offer a reward to those who give you a review online. It is a simple, cost-effective way to have more social proof, and a growing number of happy customers as well! (You may want to read more in depth information on reviews. )
  3. GIVE Lots Of Perks To Your Customers – Similar to the point above, you need to make sure it’s worth it for them to come back for more. There are lots of ways to do this like: starting a loyalty program, offering coupons, back-links and many more.
  4. OFFER Coupons And Daily Deals – Coupons or a really good Daily Deal, gives your customers an incentive to come in and buy. I’m sure you have either seen the big daily deal sites like Groupon or Living Social. Or you have perhaps subscribed to a coupon email newsletter before. But have you ever thought about offering these to our local market here in Yakima? It’s a very powerful and effective way to grow your business.
  5. ENGAGE With Customers – Don’t fall into the trap of not talking back to your customers or prospects when they are inquiring. If you don’t follow up with them, you will certainly reap the negative feedback you deserve! Simply take the few minutes necessary to answer their questions, especially when it relates to a customer service issue, and thus avoid the damage of a poor online reputation.


Location Based Marketing is a smart way to capture and develop our local arena for your industry, and start to turn it into a profitable center for your small business.

If you would like to learn more about how to use the internet to grow your business, then register for one of our next training webinars at the top of this page. Or call us at: 509-590-2458

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