How To Use Video To Increase Your Brand And Bring In More Customers

Video marketing is about more than just generating an image that customers will see. It’s about solidifying a brand, providing real-time information and examples, and creating a personable rapport with a diverse and wide audience.

How can small businesses take advantage of the Internet when majority of the business population uses video marketing now also? This can be accomplished by being unique, short and to the point, remaining consistent across various social media platforms, and converting customer feedback into visible and beneficial changes.

Using Video to increase your brand on youtube

Setting A Business Apart

First, businesses that invest time and money advertising online will do themselves a tremendous favor if they first research their consumer. This information is used to keep track of how many people visit the site but not who visits. When a business combines this type of data with video marketing, the information included focuses more on the products and services the customer wants versus an attempt to display a full range of what is offered in paragraphs throughout the website. Reading through information is not appealing. Videos throughout the site will attract more customers.

  • A few clearly labeled videos for different products running two to three minutes long is sufficient.
  • The information should be clear, straightforward, provide examples and focus only on the product or service it is about.
  • In other words, a video about paper towels should not mention bath towels.

Remain Consistent

Finding a great sale on an item only to find out the sale ended the previous day is frustrating. This situation occurs when ads are either not removed from one website or not changed on another. Video marketing works the same way.

  • A video about a certain product or service posted on a Facebook page should not be different from a video posted on YouTube about the same product or service. Web surfers need to be able to browse a product, watch a clip, and determine if that company deserves their business quickly. All information for any product or service should be contained in one video that can be posted to different sites at once.
  • If a service is only offered in one area, it’s never a good idea to broadcast that service beyond the area it is offered in.
  • Likewise, if a product is on sale in one area but not another, this should be very visible to anyone browsing.
  • Repetition is beneficial in video marketing. For instance, stating a new customer price, contact information, or store hours at the top of the video and then again at the end allows viewers a chance to hear it again and confirm it. Visually, it needs to be on the websites to match what is in the video.
  • Customers also like to feel they are familiar with employees at a business. Using the same face or voice in all videos helps customers identify with the company.


Shopping at a brick and mortar store means customers or clients can see what they are purchasing whereas shopping online can create disconnect. It’s much more difficult for businesses to address customer concerns over the Internet.

  • Addressing customer concerns using video marketing won’t replace face-to-face communication. However, videos no longer than five minutes acknowledging customers’ feedback and providing a solution will not only give customers a voice, but it will allow a “virtual look” at those changes.
  • Written statements tell customers what the business brand is. Video marketing shows it. Customers rarely accept a brand that cannot be shown and proven.

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