Three Benefits of Content Marketing

If you’ve been wondering what is the best way to get these search engines to notice your website and put it in front of the right people at the right time, then this little blogpost is for you. I am going to help you discover why content marketing is vital for marketing your local business.

What we’re going to do is go into the basics of content marketing and why it’s so important. And in the next few blogposts, I am going to show you a couple of little tricks that you can implement and cause your digital content marketing to explode. Well, maybe not explode, but it will be vital for the success of your online marketing experience. So let us begin.

Content Is King

You have probably heard before that content is king, but in this blogpost, I hope that I will be able to convince you that it is a fact. I hope that by the time we’re done, you will understand what is meant by “content is king”.8316453283_a3d6c4ac2d

Why content?

Well, 79% of online shoppers spend 50% of their time researching.* What that means being translated into English, is that most of the people, most of the shoppers are spending 50% of their time, looking and researching where is the best place to buy.

And I think you know that stat is true, because you probably do it too.

You are looking for answers.

You are looking for solutions.

You are comparing company with company.

You’re looking at reviews.

You’re asking “how is this company, this service, this product, or this expert supposed to help me arrive at the solution that I’m looking for?” *I was unable to trace the source of this stat even though it’s all over the internet.

  • Authority.
    So content positions you as an authority. You see what I mean? That is why content is so important. It positions you online as an expert, as somebody that people can trust.The way this works is like We type in questions, right? We go to Google and we ask Google a question such as, ‘How do I train a dog?’ or, you know, ‘how do I make that bun on the back of my hair look like somebody I saw at the mall?’ Well, maybe that wouldn’t be the best kind of question to ask Google, but what about this one? ‘What kind of swimming pool is best?’ Or maybe, ‘How do you install pavers for a patio?’ Or maybe, ‘What’s the best kind of gutter for my house?’ We ask Google questions all the time. And that’s why content is so important. It positions you as an authority that people can trust because they’re looking to you as the expert, because you’re providing all this helpful and valuable content.
  • SEO.
    Another very important benefit of content marketing is that search engines love it. In fact, Google is always changing the way that they rank content or who gets to be on the first page of their beloved home page of their search results.You see, creating content helps Google and the search engines understand that you are the expert in this particular niche. And that you are the one that should be put on the first page of Google because of all this content that you’re creating to help people find solutions to their problems. I hope you understand that.
  • Online Real Estate.
     Another thing that content marketing can do for you over time, is to build up real-estate online. That’s one thing that I am so passionate about. It is so vital to understand that you are building up real-estate or an investment that belongs to your business over the years to come.
    As long as your content is there and stays indexed by Google, it belongs to your business and it’s doing work for you. So that when people are searching for certain keywords or phrases, your content is indexed by Google. People interact with that content. They find the solution to their problem. It leads them through to a call to action.Pretty soon, they’re doing business with you.That’s what I mean by real estate, or “an asset” that’s helping your business in the long-term. All you have to do is create it once and it’s working for you as long as you keep the content online.Then, when it comes time for you to sell your business and you are considering all the different aspects of value, your online content must be taken into consideration as well. It is a valuable asset, that is bringing more and more business to you everyday. Those are some of the basic reasons why content is so important.

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