How We Use Search Engines

How do search engines work from a human perspective?

Basically, this is what happens. I need an answer, so I formulate that need into words and phrases. So for this example let’s say, I’ve typed in “how to train a dog to sit” into the search bar, and page one of Google comes up.

I look down through that list. I settle on one option.

I click on it, and then I scan the page to see if there’s a good solution, you know, a good piece of content that’s going to show me how to train a dog to sit. And if there’s not a good solution then I’m going to return to the search results.images

Then I’m going to go through that same list again, and see if there’s a better solution. If I can’t find a better solution on page one then I will perform a new search by thinking of a new keyword, or a new search term. That is how we use the search engines. We are constantly using them to find solutions to our needs.

That brings me to this point. Websites are for people, not search engines.

Therefore you need to build the structure of the website for the search engine, but develop the content for people. Why? because It is real people who going to be sitting down and reading the content. They are going to be scanning your content to see if it answers their problem.

If what you put on your website doesn’t answer their problem then they will go back, and look for a different website, or a different solution. So make sure and build your content, and your message for people, but structure your website for search.

How do search engines work? I will be covering more on this topic in my next blogpost!




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