Why Web Design In Yakima Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

In recent years, the concept that “content is king” has revolutionized the internet marketplace for business owners in Yakima. There is a misconception, however, that content is more important than web design. The reality is that this perception has negative consequences for small business owners in a competitive marketplace.

While it is true that quality content is imperative for attracting and keeping clients, it is a fallacy to think that design does not matter. In reality, content and web design are equal components of a dynamic website that converts casual browsers into consumers.

mobile responsive sites

Mobile Responsive Websites

Web design encompasses much more than making a website look pretty.  A truly responsive website should be designed to cater to any consumer perusing it’s pages, particularly those accessing it by mobile device.

According to recently published statistics on Statista, more than 5 billion people are expected to be using mobile phones by 2017.

According to Morgan Stanley, 91% of adults maintain an arms-length distance between their cell phones and themselves and SearchEngineLand confirms that nine out of ten mobile searches lead to action, with roughly half of those searches leading to sales.

There is no doubt that businesses benefit from websites designed for mobile access.

The best websites are responsive to any piece of technology being used to access it including:

  • Tablets
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Smart Phones

Furthermore, websites designed in markup languages that work with all browsers ensure that no consumer, no matter which browsers they prefer, falls through the cracks.  Business owners should be aware of the most popular browsers, including:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Web Design In Yakima

Yakima business owners need to keep in mind that web-based storefronts represent businesses as surely as brick and mortar buildings.  The consumer’s first impression of a particular brand or company is made within the first few seconds of landing on the website associated with it.

A website that combines top-quality functionality, flawless access and outstanding content will stand out in a crowded marketplace and has a much better chance of converting visitors into patrons. According to the founder of Modern 8, Randall Smith, design matters in a way that many people do not realize.  The way consumers feel when looking at a website directly influences their decision to take action.   Therefore, investing equally into design as well as content is essential for Yakima businesses.

Small business owners may be hesitant to spend more money on website design but can rest assured that the return on investment will make the choice to do so well worth it.  Optimally designed websites reach a much larger consumer base and have the potential to be the first step into launching a business up to the next level.

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