On-Site Optimization – Part Four- Fresh Content

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In this final blogpost on On-Site Optimizaion, I’ll be explaining the importance of fresh content.

Fresh Content

fresh content
Another very important step in search engine optimization, and I mean super important, is regular, fresh content. Folks, we like fresh stuff,right? I mean whether it’s, fruits and vegetables, or bread, or even eggs. You name it, and we like it fresh.

Well, we also like content to be fresh. Just a moment ago I was searching for something online, and I noticed the same company had two pieces of content that came up in the search results. One was from four years ago, and one was from a few weeks ago. Which piece of content do you think I clicked on? The one four years old, or the one that was one week old?

Of course, I clicked on the one that was one week old. I wanted fresh content. This is key, especially when it comes to technology. As you know, things are changing, and in four years it’s already outdated, isn’t it? So you want to write regularly.Just do some basic keyword research, find out what key words, and phrases, people are using, and then write on a regular basis, and I would recommend that you write once per week.

The Benefits of Using Graphics in Fresh Content

Also use images. We are visual people. We like to see images. We are more prone to click on a listing that has an image. When we are reading a piece of content, we are usually much more interested if there are graphics and images. Somehow it just seems to enhance or maximize the effectiveness of the content. Of course, Google knows that too. Google appreciates it when we use images, and seems to rank content higher if it is associated with an image.

Social Media Content

Share your content on social media. Share it and try to get other people to like it, engage with it,and share it themselves. you know, maybe you will have a piece of content that goes viral. Image what that would do for your search engine optimization. And then finally make sure you engage in the comments. When somebody leaves you a comment take the time to engage with that person and try to start a conversation.



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