How Can ‘Google My Business’ Benefit Your Business?

There are many ways that Google My Business can benefit your small business. For example:

  • It represents an easy and effective way for potential customers to
  • find your business.
  • It also offers extra incentives to make those customers choose your business over your competition.

This can help your specific business to stand out.

google can help your business

Studies show that about 97% of people will use an online search to locate businesses in their area. This means that just about every potential client who lives in your area would see your listing if your business was on Google My Business.

This service is free for online customers to use, meaning they will probably end up using it. Google My Business is also free for businesses like you to use. This means that your business could be reaching out and connecting with local customers quickly, easily and for free.

What other form of business advertising offers such a wide range of services at no cost to you?

Listing features

Google My Business also offers a number of additional listing features that your business can use to help encourage customers to choose you.

  • You can use your listing to present potential customers with promotional offers, deals and specials. New features now allow you to add coupons to your listing. Your customers can print out these coupons and bring them directly to your storefront. This helps with attracting more customers and increasing revenue.
  • Online users can also instantly read reviews from past customers on Google My Business. This allows you to showcase what your business can do through the power of testimonials. Your business can also directly respond to these reviews. This increases the interaction between your business and its customers and helps them to develop trust with your brand.
  • Google My Business also allows you to post pictures and videos of your business on your listing. Online users like to see images and you can help generate interest by posting them. Google will allow you to post up to 10 photos and 5 videos on your listing.
  • You can flaunt pictures and videos of your restaurant’s signature dish, or your awesome storefront view or anything else that will make your business stand out. The Street View allows your customers to easily see the view of your business from the street, which makes it easier to find your location.

 Managing this listing is simple too. Using these services can help your business directly connect with its customers, keep then up to date with promotions deals and useful information and even generate sales, for free!

Need help creating your Google My Business page? Ask us how.

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