7 Reasons To Blog For Business

Let me talk a little bit about content marketing with a blog.

I know, you don’t even have to tell me, some of you cannot stand the word ‘blog’. The reason is because of what people have done with their blogs.

But you know what? I don’t really care whether you like the term or not. You can create a new term if you want to, like, “Updates”, “News”, or something like that.

Blogging, or ‘creating content’ on a regular basis which provides value and solutions to people’s problems on a regular basis is extremely important for your digital marketing efforts.

A whopping 95% of small businesses are now viewing blogging as an effective marketing technology tool, second only to email marketing. –e-Strategy Trends

So email marketing is still a very powerful tool, but blogging is following up right along behind. And basically what I mean by blogging is creating fresh content on an ongoing basis for the purpose of helping people who are coming across your website looking for answers.

7 Reasons To Blog For Business

  1. It’s Easy
    WordPress makes regular content creation so simple and easy to do. It’s like ‘what you see is what you get’ editors. You just type it in. You can bold and underline and space and make bullet points and then you click Publish.
  1. Central Marketing Hub
    Your blog is like your central hub. You know, all of your digital marketing efforts should revolve around your blog. All roads should lead back to your blog. Your social media efforts, your email marketing, everything that you’re doing out there in the peripherals should come back to home base which is your website (blog).
  2. SEO.
    Another very important benefit of content marketing is that search engines love it. In fact, Google is always changing the way that they rank content or who gets to be on the first page of their beloved home page of their search results.You see, creating content helps Google and the search engines understand that you are the expert in this particular niche. And that you are the one that should be put on the first page of Google because of all this content that you’re creating to help people find solutions to their problems. I hope you understand that.
  1. Subscribe-able
    Another reason is that blogs are subscribe-able. Did you know that? People can subscribe to your blog. That means every time you publish a new blogpost, they will get notified of it. That’s cool, huh?
  1. Readable
    Blogs are very readable. They are usually laid out in such a way that people can easily read the content and find the solution that they are searching for.
  1. Attractive
    There are so many themes and templates out there for attractive business blogs that it’s not even funny. You can set up a brilliant looking and compelling business blog quite easily with free software like WordPress.
  1. Real Estate
    All the content that you publish and put online should be considered as real estate belonging to your business. It is helping your business day in and day out, and the more of it you publish and put online, the more value you are adding to your business.

Check out this. (see screenshot)


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 2.33.00 PM

I typed in ‘How to train a dog?’ And look, these websites were formed back in 2001, and there’s one from 2002, and one from 2009. We have blogs on here that are over 10 years old that are still ranking. You see, that content that they created way back then is still working in their advantage and that’s the power of content marketing.

Can you imagine creating blog post right now or publishing some fresh content today, and in five years it’s still working for you? Can you imagine that it’s still coming up on page one of the search engines even after many years to come? Isn’t that amazing?

That is the power of blogging.  Once again, blogging, or ‘creating content’ on a regular basis which provides value and solutions to people’s problems on a regular basis is extremely important for your digital marketing efforts.



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