On-Site Optimization – Part Three

If you have not already read On-Site Optimization Part One and Two, please check it out! If you have, here are a few more tips on how to optimize your website.


Reviews are important for search engine optimizing as well.

Why do you think reviews are important? Well remember we talked about popularity? Google is now looking at popularity as a ranking factor. If awebsite and a web presence has 103 reviews, and they’re all five star ratings, then that’s going to tell Google that this business is popular.

I highly recommend that you set up your own review engine, and put it on your website as I described. That makes it very easy for people. All they have to do is click on your website, leave a review. They can even choose the sites where they can leave a review as well. And then I want to encourage you to respond to people when they leave a review. You know, if somebody leaves a negative review then get back with them, and try to right the wrong, but if somebody leaves a positive review then leave a comment, and thank them for taking the time to leave a review, and let them know that you enjoyed doing business with them and so on.


Video is powerful, not only as a medium for communication, but also for search engine optimization. YouTube is owned by Google and it is the second largest search engine, and so it is basically a no-brainer. Definitely use YouTube in your SEO planning.

Link your YouTube channel to your Google Plus profile, and then embed your YouTube videos as a post on your website. You can even have your videos transcribed so that you have a video, and you have all of the content written that was in the video. That way it becomes very easy to get a post written for your website, and it has all the power of video, content, and images baked into it. It’s a very, very powerful way to help search engine optimization.

The final thing you would want to do in that scenario is to share it on social media, and try to get engagement, and interaction.

If you would like to learn more about video marketing, be sure and read my blogposts on Video Marketing.


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