Why Video Marketing Is A Must For Your Business

Watching videos online has become one of the great all American pastimes.

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Here is a fact:  YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video per month.  For those professionals who are ready and willing to tap into this medium of video marketing, you have the opportunity to gain valuable exposure

Perhaps it is time for you to step into the limelight and create yourself a valuable marketing tool.  Here are six valuable reasons to why video marketing is a must for your business:

1.  Engendering Trust

The audience is creating a direct connection with you, meeting you for the first time online.  By viewing your speech style and body language, they are beginning to create rapport with you.  Video marketing is a great way to form a bond instantly with your customers and create a solid platform to promote yourself in the future.

2. Being the Expert

By speaking passionately about your main topic through video footage, you immediately promote yourself as an expert.  You’ve seen many how to videos ranging from cooking a three course meal to playing a favorite song on the guitar.  The more you offer useful advice to your audience, the more you will become well known as the go-to professional in your field.

3. Establishing Word of Mouth

How many times have you shared a cool video on Facebook because it was meaningful or helpful to you?  Once you reach one fan, you have the potential to spread out like wildfire to a larger audience.  As you know, word of mouth is a great way to build your business and establish your credibility in your field.

4.  Giving Your Audience Something Useful

Everybody loves a freebie, especially if it is something that they can start using right away to make an impact in your life.  Consider the following:

  • Give an instructional how-to guide on a topic that you feel passionate about.
  • Start your video with a personalized story to bring your audience in.
  • Make sure that you are giving a sample, not just the whole package

5. Making a Connection

Your audience will quickly learn about your sense of style and your uniqueness as a business professional.  You have an opportunity for each individual to get to know you on a more personal basis.  This can be to your benefit in the long run as you begin to build a personal relationship with your customer, something which can lead to more business in the future.

6. Creating Gateway for Speaking Engagements

If you love promoting yourself through public speaking, then this is a great way to also cast your business for future opportunities with talking engagements.  People will become more familiar with your style and delivery, getting a direct sample of what you can provide in different venues.

Overall, you have a lot of potential to grow your business by jumping into the vast ocean of video marketing.  By exposing yourself and gaining a reputation online as an expert in your field, you will open yourself up to many personal and professional rewards.

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